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Chandra Drashan

thu14dec6:15 pmthu6:15 pmChandra DrashanChandra Drashan December

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Chandra Darshan is a Hindu ritual that is performed to pay homage to the moon, known as Chandra. It is observed on the day of the new moon (Amavasya) of every month, when the moon is not visible in the sky.

Rituals During Chandra Darshan – Chandra Darshan is the ceremony of sighting the moon on new moon day after the ‘Amavasya’ i.e., the no moon day. This day holds enormous spiritual importance. People worship Chandra Dev on this day. They offer special prayers and dedication. People do not eat or drink anything during the whole day. After knowing today’s chandra darshan time they are ready to worship Lord Moon. They only break their fast after seeing the Moon just after sunset. The devotees even do Daan or donation to the Brahmins.



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