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Puja Event Arrangement in Delhi

Our sacred endeavors are woven into the fabric of celebration, weaving together rituals that illuminate the soul and moments. So, let’s resonate with the eternal connection to the divine.

Puja Samagri-Large

Puja Samagri

Puja yagya samagri, partial samagri, Puja Book, Incense (Agarbatti), Puja Cloths, Camphor (Kapoor), Flowers (Pushpa), Sandalwood Paste (Chandan), Vermilion (Kumkum), Akshata, Ganga Jal, Fruits (Phala), Sweets (Naivedya), Coconut, Betel Leaves and Nuts (Paan and Supari), Cloth (Vastra), Ghanta, Conch Shell (Shankha), Rudraksha or Tulsi Beads, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey, Puja Plate, Spoon, Yantra and Murti (Idol/Statue), Altar Cloth (Asana), Havan Kund, Red Thread (Mouli) etc.


Floral Decoration

Flower Mala, Home Decoration / Puja Room / Mandapam, Mandala Design, Flower Rangoli, Flower Toran, Fresh flower garlands, Flower Arch (Phoolon ki Chaadar), Flower Bouquets, Flower Kalash, Flower Alankara, Flower Archways, Petals Shower (Pushpa Vrishti), Flower Swastika, Flower Mats, Flower Patterns on Clothing, Flower Bells, Flower pattern designs


Sattvic Food Catering

Delicious Pure Veg., Prasadam, Vaishnav and jain food catering, North-South Regional Catering, Special Puja Cousins, Panchmrit, Seasonal Fruits & Sweets (Mithai) such as laddu, kheer, peda, barfi, and halwa, Rice Dishes such as pulao, biryani, steamed rice, Vegetable Curries, Dal (Lentil Dish), Chapatis, Rotis or Poori, Snacks like Chaat samosas, pakoras, Yogurt (Curd), Pickle Chutneys like mint chutney, tamarind or coconut chutney, Beverages fruit juices, buttermilk and lassi, dry fruits.

krishna drama charecter

Live Roles in Puja Event

Small Home Show, Single Divine Character, Ramayana Drama Artists, Story Narrative & Depiction, Puja Event Scripting, Puja Show Planning, Musical team, Singer or Chanters, Vedic Scholar, Scripture Readers, Narrator or Storytellers, Large Puja Hosting or Event Planning, Invitation Management, Sound Aids or Artists, Video Recording Team, Online puja streaming

An important part of deity worship is glorification, that is, the family gathers in the “deity room” and sings praises to God. In addition, the deity is offered various items in sacrifice, such as food, candles, incense, flowers, and so on.

Drawing on our expertise and years of service, aiding your worship

Divine Blessings, Gratitude and Reverence, Removal of Negativity, Joyful Celebration


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Shubham Karoti Kalyaannam-Aarogyam Dhana-Sampadaa |
Shatru-Buddhi-Vinaashaaya Diipa-Jyotir-Namostute ||

शुभं करोति कल्याणमारोग्यं धनसंपदा ।
शत्रुबुद्धिविनाशाय दीपज्योतिर्नमोऽस्तुते ॥

Salutations to the Light of the Lamp, Which Brings Auspiciousness, Health and Prosperity; Which Destroys Inimical Feelings.

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