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In our Hindu practice this includes deity puja done in the home, or occasional ritual ceremonies and annual festivals. Puja varies according to the sect, region, occasion, deity honored, and steps followed.

The word pūjā is Sanskrit, and means reverence, honor, homage, adoration, and worship.

Religious beliefs provide us with a meaning in which we can find hope and solace. A new research study of the ways religion influences the daily lives of person finds that people who are religious are more engaged with their extended families, more likely to volunteer, more involved in their communities and generally happier with the way things are going in their professional lives.

Hindu dharma is so relevant in contemporary and modern lifestyle as it entails a way of life that emphasizes the importance of our morality, ethics, and proper conduct. It calls for you to live honorably, and live your lives with virtues such as honesty, generosity, and compassion. It emphasizes the importance of the observation of appropriate behavior, including numerous rituals, and the ultimate goal of moksha. Even though performing pujas do not dictate your deeds, they do provide you a framework for morality, especially needed in modern society.

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With joy and happiness, celebrate all the pujas to continue your spiritual journey and invoke the power of the gods and goddesses.

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Hindu Sanskar Pujas – Garbhadhana (Conception), Punsavana (Fetus protection), Simantonnayana (Satisfying the cravings of the pregnant mother), Jatakarma (Child birth), Namakaran (Naming the child), Nishkramana (Taking the child outdoors for the first time), Annaprasana (Giving solid food), Mundan (Hair cutting), Karnavedha (Ear piercing), Upanayana(Sacred thread ceremony), Vedarambha (Study of Vedas), Samavartana (Returning home after completion of education), Vivaha (Marriage), Vanaprastha (Preparation for renunciation), Sannyasa(Renunciation), Antyesthi (Cremation).

HomePuja team also facilitates in organizing special pujas for Dosh Nivaran, Puja for special purpose, Grah Shanti Puja, Mantra Jaap at home or Puja performed at particular auspicious temples remotely/online (special case).

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the Lord accepts your loving heart, a leaf, a fruit, or water if the you provide it with devotion ..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Worship or Puja in the changing times brings you many benefits, including improved mental and emotional wellbeing, increased spiritual awareness, improved focus and concentration, increased peace of mind and contentment, improved relationships with family and friends, increased appreciation for life, increased self-esteem and better understanding of the divine.

Additionally, Puja can help to bring greater clarity and understanding of your life’s purpose and can lead to more meaningful relationships with peace, love, and divine.

The practice of performing puja at home is an important part of the Indian tradition of Hinduism. While it is often done at a temple, it is also highly beneficial to perform puja at home. It creates a peaceful and meditative atmosphere, which can be an effective way of invoking the divine energy and blessings of the deities. By performing puja, you can experience a sense of spiritual healing and transformation at home. It cleanses and purifies the environment, both spiritually and emotionally. This also brings peace, joy and serenity, which can be extremely beneficial for the overall mental and emotional health of a family.

There so, performing puja ritual creates a sacred environment, removes negativity, allowing for more flexibility in worship, and providing a sense of community and belonging.

Moreover, it provides a sense of safety and comfort and an opportunity for family and friends to come together in a spiritual practice.

NO or YES! Puja can seem like a complex and time-consuming activity, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be as simple as spending 1-2 hours in quiet contemplation, or it can be a more involved activity such as an occasional spiritual practice that is part of your objectivity and purpose of puja. The important thing is that you find time management that works for you and make it part of your busy life, weekends or holidays. Ultimately, worship is about connecting to something greater than yourself and finding moments of peace and clarity in your life.

Many people seek our professional help for their pūjā worship for a number of reasons. For some, the guidance of an experienced individual can offer an understanding of religious customs and rituals that would otherwise be difficult to attain. Professional help can also provide support in learning and executing how to properly perform certain activities and prayers in order to ensure that our worship is meaningful and effective. Additionally, a professional can offer advice and guidance on how to approach particular spiritual issues, allowing us to gain greater insight into our faith and how it can enrich our lives.

Finally, our professional help can also provide an avenue for spiritual growth, allowing us to explore our faith in a more meaningful way.

Puja is our ritual of worshipping and offering prayers to deities, typically represented by the sacred objects or prescribed rituals (puja process) at special timings to gain best results. Different pujas can be performed depending on the occasion or event. Some of the common types of pujas conducted on specific timings include:

  • Pratah Puja – Morning prayer. Puja organized during morning time.
  • Madhyahnika Puja – Noon prayer. Puja organized during mid-day.
  • Sandhyavandana Puja – Evening prayer. Puja organized during evening time after sunset.
  • Shayan Puja – Night prayer. Puja organized during night time after 8pm.

Varied onto these day/night timings, there are several known puja ceremonies that are performed such as a wedding, naming ceremony, or even a housewarming. These ceremonies usually involve offerings to deities, aarti, paath, jaap, yagna, chanting of mantras and hymns, and the lighting of a sacred fire (havan/homa).

Absolutely! HomePuja can assist you with all your regional pujas. We understand the importance of regional pujas, and strive to craft procedures that are both accurate and culturally appropriate. We believe in the power of regional and cultural celebrations, and are here to help you celebrate your regional pujas with the right spirit at home whether it’s a small 1-2 hours puja. The service is a blessing for us.

Organizing region specific pujas in cities can be a little task, particularly for those who have little experience in the area. HomePuja professionals can help you in a number of ways, including providing advice on the best way to plan and organize the event, helping to create a budget, and possibly even managing the event.

Our professional can provide valuable insight into the cultural context of the area, and help ensure that all the necessary procedures are followed. They can provide the right contacts to ensure that the proper permits and permissions are secured (if required), as well as helping to secure vendors and services, including caterers and entertainment. We can also help with the overall look and feel of the puja event, such as decorations and lighting.

For large events organized at home/farm house, our professional can provide guidance on how to ensure the event is safe, this can involve working with local authorities and municipal enforcement to plan for risks and emergencies, as well as ensuring staffing levels are sufficient to manage the event safely. With the expertise, our professionals can make the process of organizing your pujas at home much simpler and more successful at minimal possible cost.


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