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    About Us

    HomePuja Divine Services – Rated #1 Platform for Booking Home Religious Events

    घर पर पूजा

    We are #1 rated specialized religious event booking platform in Delhi. It is presently operated and managed by Aanodaya Services (formerly, Aanodaya Puja Mantra). At HomePuja divine services, it is believed that everyone should have an opportunity to have pure and authentic Pujas, Homas, Samskaras. So, learned priests provide genuine rituals based on ancient scriptures. 

    • The puja ceremonies are conducted in Sanskrit, and translated in hindi/english, and other regional languages, making the tradition accessible and appealing to our devotee clients while re-igniting the flame of Vedic civilization ‘Hindu Dharma’.

    • To achieve knowledge, wealth, health & peace, the Vedas instruct us to follow certain principles and perform certain Pujas, Vratas and Samskaras depending on the occasion.

    • Our member priests perform various pujas, hindu rituals and all kinds of religious activities for all occasions, including but not limited to Marriages, Satya Narayana Vrata, Griha Pravesham etc. Puja Services can be provided at your home, office, business location or temple premises. Our ambition is to provide excellent religious services for all parts of life to the fellow devotees. 

    • We offer services 07 days a week. Priest has his/her own transportation. Please book from our website www.homePuja.com or call to our Pandit (Pujari Ji) coordinator & set up an appointment for Puja at your Home or temple.

    • We arrange for various Puja Archana, Samskaras, Wedding, Vedic, Yagya, Havan, PujaPuja, Vratha, authentic rituals services catered to your personal motive and requirements, which will give you a divine peace, happiness, health, wealth, devotional & spiritual experience, knowledge and prosperity. 

    • Our regional member priests perform Puja with their local traditions and ritual: Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Telagu, Tamil, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sindhi etc.

    • For more information about Hindu Priest booking & Puja services, please visit our website www.homePuja.com.

    To contact us for Online Puja, please call or send a request with info via e-mail:  Name, Date/Time & Place of Birth and motive or objective of your puja. If you want to consult free to pandit ji before organizing puja, please visit our website contact section or whatsapp.

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    What we do

    We are  highly recommended top#1 best most trusted online hindu religious service provider. Our services include arranging Puja at your home, Puja Event booking, organizing pula at hindu temple. HomePuja has been the leading Puja services brand in India since 2014 for personalized Pujas like astrological Puja for business, horoscope Puja for career success, astrology Puja for health, online Yagyas, Vedic Puja services in Hindu temples, Homas and Agnihotras Puja service, yajna. India’s finest online Hindu Puja service provider offering Online Puja booking, yagna booking service, Vedic Puja services, yajnas, havan, homam.

    Some of our associated pandits are Hindu Brahmin wedding priest, based in different cities and conduct Hindu marriage/wedding ceremonies can also travel worldwide if your special requirement is overseas destination.

    How we work

    We have an established network of priests who are qualified and experienced into karmakand and puja rituals. 

    We follow a strict selection process for registration of priests and background verification of our service vendors.

    What devotees say about us

    From births, marriages, to the passing of loved ones; each event has its own festivities and ceremony leaving us with fond and precious memories. 


    Home Puja has organized good puja. 2 Pandits were sent by them. I am happy with the services. Miss Archana was my puja coordinator and she customized the puja as per timimg.

    Nidhi Tyagi



    As per their name, they are arranging religious activities at home. We liked that they are doing such religious events or puja very professionally which was a headache in earlier times. Wish them all the best. 

    Gulati Family



    I feel grateful to them as they arranged for a very good telagu priest and coincidentally was from my same village. It was standard puja booking package but good service. 5 star puja service. thank you.

    Sridevi Velpula


    No problem faced. Everything went well. We celebrated our father's birthday with Aayush havan puja. Great family get-together time and good arrangements by their support team.

    Ritesh Sinha


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