HINDU 09 types of Puja/prayer to GOD

We are all part of this UNIVERSE.  We are not above this UNIVERSE.  After long and long deep thinking and practical experience one can certainly find a simple solution to most our problems in life, right from aatma satisfaction to our family satisfaction and overall satisfaction in our whole life. That is puja, prayer.

Success in life needs the support of our Supreme God.  Without his intension nothing will happen in this world.  We pray to God when we are facing difficulties, travelling  in the air, shipping in the oceans, during earth-quakes, during floods and other natural calamities or extreme sickness of people.  God should be always remembered and he only can ensure our safe passage throughout our life.

09 types of Puja/prayer

  1. Sravana  ( listening to strotrams, songs, stories in praise of the LORD).
  2. Kirthana ( prayers, songs,dances in praise of the Lord )
  3. Smarana ( remembering the God, Dhyanam, meditation)
  4. Paada seva ( surrending to God, sarana gati)
  5. Archana (worshiping with fruits,flowers,water,milk,honey,curd,agarbatti,dhoopstik etc)
  6. Namaskar ( prayers with folded hands )
  7. Daasya ( doing service to the Lord, like cleaning temple steps, decorating temples etc)
  8. Sakhyata ( friendship with Lord, like Radha,Meera,haathiram-Balaji,Krishna-kuchela)
  9. Aatma nivedan ( complete dedication to the Lord like rishis).

Some people thing that we should not ask anything from God. But I think God is like our mother and father.  A  son or a daughter should not hesitate to ask their father or mother if she or he faces a problem.  Always view our prayers in this angle only.

  • Hinduism is a way of life and always focuses on the art of living. It is not simply a religion.  HINDUISM is a way of life like an eternal flowing river and ultimately it merges with the sea, the GOD or the ULTIMATE.
  • There is nothing beyond the ULTIMATE  and Hinduism seeks the ULTIMATE.
  • The object of Hinduism is totality.  The totality of the nature,universe , living and non-living things and everything and non-thing is identified with God.
  • Hundreds of faiths, beliefs and religions are merged and submerged in Hinduism.  It is like a sky.  Its presence is unlimited.

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